Sunday, July 17, 2016

Putting in the work

Back at it and it's just so hard to get into the meat of the work. I  have had to push through the crap and let myself make some truly awful things. You just hope that out of the mistakes you catch a glimpse.
A glimpse of something that might be good....or at least in the direction of good.
It has its own time line and I can't force it. Only live it and let it happen. Of course there are the things you have to keep reminding your yourself to do. 

Keep it simple
But not too simple
Be careful and measured
But make expressive strokes that give feeling
Don't do what's easy
But do what comes natural

After not being active in the blog world lately. I still find Austin Kleon saying the things that are hard to hear but have to be said.
Making art is about humility, not pride.
I'm feeling pretty humbled today.

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