Thursday, November 5, 2015

Studio Sound

What makes you feel creative? Music usually does it. I feel like my work takes on my mood and my music is a deep part of that mood.
My favorite? Well I must admit it's my Big Band station on Pandora. I feel like I'm in a black and white movie or at least far away from the crazy modern world.

A band nerd for most of my adolescence I learned early to love John Glenn. I still remember how much fun it was to be part of a big group playing great music. When you all played well...oh man what a rush. Too bad I wasn't much good at the clarinet. Maybe I could have played in a big orchestra.
That sound of a hundred instruments all playing together still gives me that feeling.
I hear every part. Every instrument.
In college I found the group Pink Martini and boy did that send my imagination soaring. If I had the guts how much fun would it be to a singer with a big group.
Music is magic.
The spark is undeniable.

With good music and great inspiration this is what happened last spring! (We are gonna pretend that big laps in posting didn't happen.) We were pregnant, now I'm a Mom so there, explained in brief. 

Onward and Upward

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