Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Inspired Spring

I have been so frustrated lately. I just haven't had that spark of inspiration that made me desperate to put brush to canvas. In the effort to make something happen I've wasted a lot of paint. That's just as bad as feeling like you've got nothing to say.
Then spring happened. And azaleas started blooming.
I just have to have flowers apparently and pictures of flowers will not suffice. 
I have to paint from life. 
I have to have that feeling of excitement and awe to move me. 
These pictures are not particularly great but they captured the moment. The joy of a flower you didn't expect to see as you went about your day.
Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye.

That fresh spring green of a new leaf

The mash of colors in a mound of Azaleas

Vines dripping with blooms

And bringing it inside! Ah! The best!

That last one did it for me! I had found a color combination that I just had to put on a canvas. 
It was to me an explosion of color. I felt the colors coming from inside of me bursting out. 
Like new flowers bursting out all around me. That is why I want to paint. 


Always driven by the way I feel about nature.
Like I'm blown away every time! 
Like I've never seen a flower or never seen the sky!

A blind person that can finally see. 

I don't think I will ever loose that child-like amazement and I wouldn't want to!

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