Sunday, March 15, 2015


The light still changing from winter to spring. 
A sharp ray that pierces the cold and melts the heart.
It's a glow that no other time of year has. 
So much hope and promise. 
A light that seems to come from the inside out.

Photography by L. Dunn

I love light! That seems silly to say out loud, but that perfect clear light of a beautiful day is a wonderful thing. It's too cold to sit in my sunroom during the winter without bundling up. 
It won't be long that I'll be spending my Saturday mornings in there drinking coffee! 

This time of year when each day you get off from work it seems imperative to get outside for an hour or so. Because you are just so excited that the light stays later. It's also the first time the weather has been nice so you feel like if you don't enjoy it now that it may slip back into winter forever.
Happy Spring!

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