Friday, January 23, 2015

Jane Eyre

I decided to start the new year I would visit an old friend. The first great book I read that really captivated me, Jane Eyre. I remember picking it off of a book fair flyer back in 7th grade. It had such a mysterious description, then it came in and the teacher put it down in front of me. It was a whopper of a book for a 12 year old, 500 pages. I still remember a classmate of mine leaned over and said wow are you really gonna read that? Yes, yes I was and I couldn't wait to see what the mystery was all about.
I re-read it every 5-6 years just because I love the characters so much. I adore the stern little girl that grows to be a self possessed and disciplined young woman, who will not let weakness of the flesh become a weakness of her mind.
And my heart breaks for poor Mr. Rochester every time. The dark and brooding young man who bears his lot in life with difficulty, but springs forth with new life at the discovery of a new love.
How can you not love this story!
Pardon me as I include an image from the 2011 movie version. It was really good in case you haven't seen it. Now back to the art....

I've had a hard time getting it together lately and feeling very creative. You may have noticed my absence lately, or not, but I'm starting to get it back. It's time to paint!
I mentioned before that I started a commissioned piece that since the holidays I have nearly finished, but have some final work to do on it. My 'test' piece is complete and I am satisfied with it. This is first on my list.

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