Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 knocked me down. I've never been tested like that before. I'm finally beginning to accept that I'll never be the same person I was before I lost my very first pregnancy. I've made the conscious effort for that experience to make me better, stronger, more thankful and more resolved to achieve things for myself. I won't say I succeed at those everyday and definitely not all at the same time, but I try.

I usually refrain from making resolutions. I don't need a new year to set goals. Although last year I did follow through on a resolution to start drinking my coffee black. I'm kinda proud of that little one. This time is different. I am ready to start over. I have things I want to accomplish and this is the time to set those down and hold myself to them.

  • Set up a shop on Society6 - They offer an incredible service and it just seems too good a venue to pass up the opportunity. 
  • Add items to my Etsy Shop - I've got a few new paintings that I want to add and some products that I want to create. I just need to get on it!
  • Build my own canvases - This one is made possible by an amazing Christmas gift from my parents! A compound miter saw! I have literally wanted one for 10 years and I'm so excited to get started. I like this tutorial here, even though I will be using a slightly different method.
  • Show my work at an Art Fair - I'm not planning any nation wide tours or anything, but I want the chance to set up a booth and interact with people in person. The internet is an amazing tool, but nothing beats face time! I'll start with a local show.
  • Become part of the artistic community - This is along the same lines as the one above. I want to feel like I'm connected to the people in my town and if I can give back by working with kids art programs even better!
  • Finish my refinishing projects! I got this started and I'm in a good place, but man finding the time to devote to this kind of project is hard. It literally takes up an entire day for one step. I am committed to getting this finished and getting our master bedroom redone! 

This is just my initial list of big things. I've got another list of smaller tasks to help me get to each of these. I've been surprisingly good at keeping a running task list going, so I'll keep up that good habit this year too!


  1. You are an amazing young woman and will do well in whatever you do. Just remember to enjoy the journey and do not put too much pressure on yourself. I am proud of you.

  2. Love you friend! And I cannot wait to get my LD original painting! ❤️