Wednesday, December 3, 2014

To Zazzle or not to Zazzle....

I have been thinking from the beginning of the different ways I could market my art. I love having my Etsy shop, but I think I can do more. It seems there are no shortage of options and no shortage of advice out there either.
I'm not against putting my art on different  products, but of course they need to be the right ones.
At first I thought it would be great to have one of these websites create it and ship it for me. I looked at a couple options:

Society 6

Both seemed like good sites, but something about it felt inauthentic for me.
I want options and I want my customers to have options, but what should those be?

The impractical option would seem to involve me having a product made and owning the inventory. What if no one buys anything, ever? I may be set on Christmas gifts for life.

But that feels like an authentic process.
Working with a local company. Getting the details just right. Owning my product.
I have a thing to show for my effort.

There is also the site, but I'm still not really sure how that would work? It seems like I would need to have an inventory on hand to ship out. So it would just be another venue like Etsy to sell items I actually have produced.

Something about just submitting the artwork to a website and them creating and shipping it seems so easy.
Too easy? Maybe I'm being old fashioned about this.
Is this the equivalent of not upgrading to online banking?
paperless statements = inventory-less seller

Ultimately the answer may be several of the above. There is no doubt that the more places you show work the more people will find it. I would love to do art fairs in person, but I'd also love to have a strong online offering. Either way it's exciting to have so many options. It's also exciting to see so many other people putting their work out into the world.
And even if there is never one. single. sale. then at least I have made the attempt!

What would feel right to you?


  1. Reminds me a bit of Dr. Hutton not wanting to use a slide projector or the internet. He said he'd use a candle for the slides, haha! I don't think you have to have your art in a museum or gallery to be an artist. So do what feels good for you. You're already a great artist!

    1. Yep that sounds about right. I'm with Dr Hutton. It's hard not to romanticize the art world.