Monday, December 1, 2014

The 'Perfect' Table

I know everyone has moved onto Christmas shopping by now. I see nothing, but gift guides all over the blogosphere. 

I'm still digesting turkey. 

I'm overwhelmed, by the desire and the pursuit of perfection that abounds this time of year. It causes me great anxiety. The expectaions set so high I am bound to fall short. But I know I am a recovering perfectionist and much of that anxiety is brought on by my own desires to be perfect.

It made me feel better on Saturday night to take some less than perfect pictures of our Thanksgiving leftovers meal. To bask in your own imperfections is a release. Like you've been holding something in for so long you almost don't know how to let go.

The food devoured. 
The perfect place settings packed way, 
in favor of paper plates. 
The chit chat dies away as exhaustion and over consumption sets in,
 for the first time in the holiday season.
But we are happy, imperfect, content.
We are together at least. 
Sometimes that is more than enough.

Photography by: L Dunn

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