Saturday, December 20, 2014

I knew this day would come....

No I don't have any big exciting Mac & Lucille news. No news at all actually. I just know myself pretty well and it was a matter of time before my energy and enthusiasm would wain. This is where it gets tough and I just have to find a way to keep working.

I'm tired at the end of the day, emotionally drained and there is no room in my brain to be creative or insightful. It doesn't mean I'm quitting or giving up. I just have to give myself a break. The problem is, I feel guilty resting.  I feel like if I'm awake I have to be accomplishing something. Like I'm multitasking every second of everyday.

Even if I'm sitting on the couch with the tv on. I have to be blogging, reading blogs or otherwise searching the web for more (more what?? IDK) I don't think we even realize how exhausting it is to be plugged in all the time. Can you believe we have reached a point in history that JUST watching tv could basically be considered meditation?

I mean it. Try it.
Put your phone away.
Close the laptop.
JUST watch TV.

This time of year we could all use some peace, but we never make time for it. How is this for timing? I started writing this post about a week ago and then I watched 60 minutes this week. Anderson Cooper did an interesting segment on mindfulness!

So here is my little bit of zen for you today. Pictures from a past trip to Oregon. Maybe these images can relax your mind even for just the brief seconds you view them.

Photography by L. Dunn

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