Thursday, December 11, 2014


It maybe pedestrian of me, but I'm always interested in the Pantone color of the year. Emerald from two years ago is still my current obsession.  I mean, it looks good with every other color! Bonus, all you have to do is buy a house plant to bring it into a room.
This year is Marsala...humm. If you have followed fashion trends then you are familiar with the Oxblood color trend. A bit of a gothic name I give you but it's taken off.
Is it strange that I have an opinion on this? But I think they just missed the fashion mark. You know when something about your outfit or an interior is just a bit off. I've always been obsessed by finding that sweet spot. When all the elements come together. 


Well Marsala is not quite right on. It's too dusty, muddled, and honestly, it feels dated, not current. The oxblood trend is about a rich, elegant jewel tone that is both luxurious and off beat. That would seem to fall in line with the last two years selections, emerald and radiant orchid. Clear, strong color that is bold and impactful.  Marsala looks like an 80's condo or a 90's lipstick. Eww I know.

Why do I care? Well I guess my life is color. It always has been. And I've been on this planet long enough to know that not everyone sees what I do. Designers and artists make a living helping others make decisions about what they want to live with every day. It may not be life saving, but I believe it can be life changing. 

Last year when radiant orchid came out I was all about it. So it would only be honest of me to say it if I don't like it. 

If they asked me; which for some reason they didn't my choices would have been along these lines.

Deep Cranberry

Food thru A Lens


  1. totally agree. like your choices much better! and it looks like you're not alone, read this also today:

  2. Yep! I agree totally, if I were up to me, I'd go with your cranberry choice :)