Sunday, November 30, 2014


So this is a quick painting done from a vase of flowers from the grocery. Done within an hour. I want to bring this exercise back into my work.

It is so easy to get in deep with a painting. Work on in FoReVeR, but it doesn't always mean a better painting. I've found that working quickly, when I've got my head right, I actually do better following instincts and not thinking too hard about how to make a good painting.

And know when to stop! That's hard.

I tend to feel that I can make every painting great, but that's not realistic. Not every painting is going to work and that's okay. If you work fast it also allows you to keep your attachment to it low. If it's good then your excited, if not, oh well move to the next piece.

I am happy with the color and composition if the piece. I didn't think enough about the background until too late. So I decided to just go with the bright white.
That gave me the idea to prepare a couple canvases in advance with dark backgrounds. I don't know what I'll use those for yet, but you can start with a blue or black canvas as easy as a white one.

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