Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Photoshop Class

I am so excited that as part of my adventure into the business of selling art I have found some great tools. I have found the best one yet from the amazing blog Design Love Fest!

Big news I'd say! They just launched an online version of their Photoshop class. It is designed specifically for beginners in the blogging/Etsy/creative business world! That would be me!
I felt like it was one of those things that just came up at such the perfect time that it was meant to be. I literally just purchased a subscription for Photoshop just days before. And I thought that was exciting!

I cannot wait to take it and get started! I am not afraid to admit that graphic design is not my strong suite. I'm confidant with a paint brush or marker, but not so much with sitting down at a computer to create and edit lots of elements. I may have just had too much coffee, but I'm still pretty excited about this. My blog needs to take a step up to match the same standards I have for my art! I'll be sure to share what I learn and create during the class.

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