Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interior Design Distraction

I had to take care of some unfinished business Sunday. I have had two dressers sitting in my garage partially refinished for a few months. As I'm working at stripping and sanding, I'm feeling guilty that I'm not making art or getting pieces ready to add to the shop.

So I decided I should make it work for me. I'll be putting together a post on how I'm refinishing those dressers soon. After all this blog has to follow my journey and that doesn't always look like you think it should. Right?

Then I got this magazine in the mail and it was like a sign. I'm gonna HAVE to let my interior designer self have some fun too. I'm obsessed with these velvet walls and that marble fireplace, OMG! 

Okay since we're gonna have some interior design fun I guess I'll share a peek at my current distraction. I've got those dressers and I knew right away that I wanted to restore them to a wood finish. No spray paint here! And what do you do as soon as you get a project idea? Do a Pinterest search of course.

This is my initial idea. Completely strip down the finish and leave the wood almost raw. I love the brass hardware, I'm sold on that, but I wonder if this finish is a bit more casual than I want for a master bedroom.

Now I liked this a lot. A bit more rustic, but it's also a richer looking finish.

Then I found this! I love how antique and warm this finish is! I am planning to do a Carrera marble top for my pieces as well and it looks really nice with this wood tone. It's a plus that this piece doesn't look newly refinished. You can tell it has history.

And this. I love this marble top and this primitive antique chest. Such a great combination of clean crisp white and this dark wood. It seems like it was just pulled out of a dusty attic.

So many choices and I think I've made up my mind, you'll see when I put it all together in a later post! What's your favorite?

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