Saturday, November 1, 2014

Inside the process!

Since I finally launched my shop, I thought it would be fun to show you how I go about sketching my subjects. This is the method I used for all of the black and white images I feature on my Etsy shop.

First find your subject and gather supplies

A vase of flowers always does it for me. My sweet hubby brought these home this weekend so I thought it would be a great drawing subject. Then get all of your drawing tools pulled together in a comfortable work space.

These are the supplies I used:
No. 2 pencil
Derwent HB Sketching pencil
Office Depot Fine Point permanent marker (fancy I know, but really just use what you like)
Pink Pearl Eraser
Canson XL Series Mixed media sketch book

I've got everything together and I have a comfortable place to work so I'm ready. I don't claim to be an art teacher, but I've had plenty of schooling myself so I'll try to share what I know. 
So I center my subject on the page and I want to make the vase in the bottom 1/3 of the page. This gives lots of room for the flowers to take up the top portion of the page.

I start with my No. 2 pencil and sketch out the vase and my flower arrangement. Draw what you see not what you know. Pay attention to how the petals relate to each other and use a light hand.  

I've gotten my arrangement the way I want it so I go back over the whole drawing with my Derwent HB pencil to darken my lines and start bringing out the character in each flower.

Now is the fun part, and the nerve racking part. Use your permanent marker to go over the whole drawing again. By now you have already basically done this drawing twice so you should have a sure hand when tracing back over each line. Be confidant, use bold strokes, give life to your arrangement.

Now you've done it! She's all there! Now is when I like to back in with my Pink pearl and erase the pencil marks that show around the drawing. Go slowly and make sure to get everything. It's amazing the difference this makes in person. It may not come across on the screen, but it's like cleaning her up.

And there she is! I rather like how this turned out. I would like to think that I have followers that would give this a try. If you happen upon this post and give it a go will you please comment and let me know how it went! 

I believe that making art is for everyone! Even if it isn't your true passion, it can be a release and a way to express yourself that no other medium can match.

Happy Drawing!

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