Friday, November 7, 2014

Finish What You Start

So as exciting as it is to have my shop up finally it is only the beginning. I think my goals right now are just to keep adding pieces to the shop and keep making art. I think it's time to add some of my paintings this time. I've got quite a back log of work for someone who only paints on the side so luckily I can pull through all of those to get me started. But ... I must admit to a bad habit.

I will start a painting, be very excited about it and then stop at 90% finished. I don't know why that is, but I have no more excuses. So I decided to make myself finish all of them! It's a daunting task. When I took inventory of all the partially finished paintings it was around 12 or 15! Yikes!

At first I dreaded it. I mean it's so much more fun to start new paintings than go back and finish old ones. I just had to find the discipline to do it. Surprisingly I have enjoyed going back to each one and completing them. Kind of like finishing a book that you put down almost out of fear that you won't like the outcome only to be pleasantly surprised by how it turns out.

And it's funny how going back to a painting is like going back to that point in time when I started it and revisiting parts of my life. Where I was living, what music I was listening to, what time of year it was...all the little details of life you tend to forget. It reminded me of what I love about making art. That's a lot more than I thought I would get out of this project.

I've barely started to complete all of these, I think I've gotten through about 4, and I don't know if I will finish any time soon. But I don't dread the task any more. I look forward to going back and visiting each one and seeing how the story ends.

I thought I'd show you a peek at the pile of work ahead of me. Obviously I could use a studio. This only shows part of the room and I don't have enough closets to store all of these.

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