Sunday, November 9, 2014

Collage Scrap Art Contest

I came across this contest on my favorite art blog, The Jealous Curator. This is so unlike me. But it looked fun and I'm in the mood to push myself to do new things.

I love the idea of swapping collage pieces with someone in another part of the world. Talk about art bringing the world together! But if I'm honest with myself I was really thinking that my favorite exacto knife has been terribly neglected in my recent art making endeavors. I know this is crazy, but I couldn't wait to cut out impossibly detailed items out of a fashion magazine. I already had a stack of magazine pages that I'd been hording the last few years for no reason at all.

I'll find out on November 15th who my partner will be and I'll have plenty of materials ready for them. I've got the magazine part taken care of, but I want to add some little art sketch of my own to mix in as well as some watercolor cut outs.

This should be fun!

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