Thursday, November 20, 2014


I started this blog as a way for me to be accountable to this project and my process. If I have to write about it I have to be working on it. Right?

Well what I've found is that this blog itself can become a distraction. I can spend hours surfing other blogs and getting great inspiration, but that does not count as making art. I love the blogs I've been following and you can see what I've been reading over at Bloglovin. I don't care what anyone says, RSS is not dead. I love having one place to read just blogs nothing else.  Anyway, see there I go drifting off. I have a problem with that.

 I have to keep refocusing myself.

I rewrite to do lists to keep myself on task.

I have a list of medium to large goals for myself and my shop.

But none of that has much to do with making time to make new art.

So with that in mind I am going to start a new type of post. I'm going to call it Sketchbook, it will be a weekly image of something I've been working on. It might be a sketch or a detail of a painting, even an experimental thumbnail. But the point is I have to be actively making new things. It will also let me talk about why I even did the work. Which helps me figure out my direction and who I am as an artist.

That is the intangible goal I've avoided for a long time. It's a strange thing to get your arms around.

You know those gut wrenching "critique sessions" in art school. Well maybe this will be a self inflicted critique every week. 

Comments, as always, are welcome!


  1. It's definitely easy to get lost in other blogs when you're on an inspiration roll, I try to convert that distraction to fuel that I can feed to my own blog :) I really like the concept of the series you're starting, sounds great!