Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Work It

While I love interiors, art and all things beautiful does anyone else feel like creativity has been hijacked? It has been turned into a sparkly and glamorized version of itself.
It's become about having the perfect Instagram image or a home straight out of Pinterest, the most glamorous stylized everything.

But it isn't perfect and it's never done. You never set the perfect table for a dinner party and it just stays that way for days. You don't bake a gorgeous desert while wearing a perfect outfit. It just doesn't feel real, and it in no way feels like my life.
I still love those perfect photo's and like to dream, but it doesn't tell the whole story of what it takes to make things beautiful or to make beautiful things.

Being creative and actually getting something done takes work. All those lovely stylized shots also take a lot of work. I guess I would feel better if someone did a little reality check on how hard it actually is to pull it all off. My husband and I don't have kids yet and I worry even now that once that comes around my little dreams may pass by the wayside. As it is with a husband, house and full time job I'm busy. Cramming in time to work on a blog much less get any painting done is hard.

I try to get in 30 minutes of blogging before I get to work and I have to wait for a day off to really focus on painting or drawing.

I did find a little reality one day literally while in an airport bookstore. I saw this funny little book with a black and white cover by Austin Kleon. It had a title that stopped me in my tracks "How to Steal Like an Artist".
It is full of realistic, yet hopeful advice about having a creative career on the side.
I check the blog every so often. I liked this post about question & answer sessions he hosts on Tumbler.

Then in my search for more creative realities I found an older post from one of my favorite blogs. Coco+Kelley was the first design blog I started reading back in 2008. It made me a little sad, but also reassured to read her contribution to a series called Things I'm afraid to tell you. Then I realized that somehow in 2012 (perhaps because I got married?) I missed this whole movement that tons of great blogs jumped on board to show that being creative also means getting real.
I've now spent a good bit of time reading these posts. Somehow it makes me feel so much better. It's just good to know other people are struggling to do it all, but it doesn't stop them from trying!
I found the list of posts here and I really loved this one here since it's about an artist as well.

It's hard, this journey I've set out on, but its supposed to be.

It may take me longer to get things done, but the satisfaction of working on something I really love is worth the work. It doesn't all have to happen right now, but I have to keep going.

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