Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Oh my gosh photoshop! I mean it can do everything and I feel like I know nothing! I knew that when I started this process I would have to learn Adobe Photoshop and I'm enjoying that part of this more than I thought I would. How did we learn how to do things before You Tube?

I have about 10-12 images scanned in and with their basic edits done. I'm starting with black and white sketches so that part isn't too hard. I still went through some basic tutorials on the Adobe website just to get started.

Then I realized that to put these images online to sell them I would need a watermark so they couldn't be so easily snagged off the web. I found help from this video from Jen Swedhin. She had another great video about adding texture to fonts as well. I may have to play with that one for some promotional things.

Photography by L Dunn

This I created from a combo of A Beautiful Mess and then I added my business name over it as a watermark in Photoshop. I may not be a landscape designer, but it kind of looks like a cool business card for one. I just loved all the colors in these photos. Seems like fall in St Simons does not take on the same color scheme as it does in the rest of the country.

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