Sunday, October 19, 2014

Office Space

So far I have been working at the dining table or in the kitchen, but I want to have my own space. Even if it is just a carved out little corner to work on this blog. A longer term goal of my own studio is much further down the road. Our guest room could serve two purposes easily, so I'm plotting to take over a corner.

You can follow me on Pinterest to see everything that I'm currently loving, but the idea of a home office has sent  me on binge of home office inspiration.

I of course love the gold accents and leopard print in this first office, but the big real life 'pin board' and the comfy chair are what I really need to invest in. The post were I found this image had great ideas about styling a desk for the different stages of life/career. I feel like I could borrow from all three.

It's hard not to love the brass lamp and shelf brackets, but its' the coordinated storage boxes that really make this a super useful space. I need magazine boxes like these to free all my Veranda and Traditional Home mags from under the bed. It's a lot...

Okay so I'm not a super girly person so this styling is not quite me, but I LOVE this desk! Clean lines, bright white and hidden drawer storage. The Lucite and chrome chair is also very cute!

This may just be my favorite! The modern desk with a traditional chair and the print on those curtains are timeless and brighten the whole space! My desk will also be in front of a window so I love the idea of framing it with fun curtains.

I see a DIY post or two in the future, but for now I'll sit in the kitchen and work away.


  1. All these pictures are incredible! I love the little cards above the second desk!

  2. all these desks are spectacular! Great inspiration for my future office.

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