Monday, October 13, 2014


I am starting to feel overwhelmed again! How do you know what advise to take and when to take it?

Should I own my own domain name already? I'm thinking that I should go for it and make sure it is mine. I certainly don't want to change my business name if I get to the point where it is necessary to have one and find out it's gone.

It's scary somehow. Why does it feel weird to own a domain? I've always felt that the internet was a thing that people contributed to, but didn't own. It seems so abstract to me. But it cost $15...
I would drop that in a coffee shop without blinking an eye, yet owning a domain is much bigger than a coffee and a muffin.

I think I just read this article before I had my coffee today and it made my head spin a little. It is a pretty intense reality check about blogging. Not so friendly as other advise I've seen. And then I moved on to this article on the same site and I'm thinking so am I a blogger or an artist?

I guess I have to be both?

*deep breath*



In the space of time it took me to write this post I've registered my name at So I may not have a website, but I own the domain
This is when it would be nice to have someone to high five with...downside of working for yourself at home.

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