Sunday, October 26, 2014


Yeah that thing you do when you are staring idly at a page. Either ignoring things that you need to do or worrying about something. For the first time today I sit down to write and I just feel like doodling instead. What it really means is I'm getting restless. My desire to do decorating projects is pulling at me. Halloween is coming up and I feel like I should do more than just put a couple of mums on the porch.

My Pinterest is blowing up with fall DIY projects. Most of that stuff I'll pass on. We live at the beach and in the deep south it just doesn't seem to make since. Our trees are dripping with spanish moss, perpetually ready for All Hallows Eve, but not one orange leaf to be found.

Instead I decorate for football season. The Georgia Florida game surpasses the creepy holiday every time around this house. And that's what I'm itching to do today. I have to do a couple things to keep me moving toward opening my Etsy shop, but I've got a great idea for my over sized chalkboard and I just have to do it!

Chalk board signs and fonts have be everywhere for a while now, and I do love having a big one in our kitchen that I originally made for our wedding. I love changing it out for the seasons. It's like it's own rotating art.

So here's my process:

#1 Find you Subject:

We are Georgia fans in this house so I thought it would be cool to find a great Larry Munson call (the famous voice of the Dawgs for many years) from a past Georgia Florida game and put that on our chalkboard. I had fun reading through the top 10 looking for the right one.
Here is where my project is a bit different that most chalkboard signs. Instead of a short quote I wanted to use a much longer one so my design is less about design elements and more like putting poetry into a new visual format.

#2 Format & Design:

Once I decided on the call I just went into Word and typed it up making sure to format it just the way I wanted it to look on my chalkboard. Of course you could use a better program like Photoshop for the design process, but it is not necessary, any program that lets you play with different fonts will work.

This is the real creative part. Change up the fonts make some words bigger than others. I used those tools to emphasize certain parts of this call. The fonts I used here were Made with B, Zig Zag and Austi Bost. You can down load those here. You can also do a search through Pinterest and find great fonts. I thought this post on Yellow Bliss Road was the best. She also gives some great advice on designing your own.

#3 Execution of your Design:

Now that I have the text lined up the way I want, this is the hard part.

Have patience. 

Copy down the design created in Word onto the chalkboard. Of course I decided to do this on the spot so I wasn't prepared and realized I had one very small piece of chalk to work with. Oh well a lack of supplies has never stopped me before. I'll make it work.

Draw yourself light guide lines across the board to help you line up your text I recommend a line for each line of your text and then one down the middle to center everything. Use those as your guide lines and keep a wet paper towel handy to adjust as you go. I like to work from the center out on each line to give me the best chance to get things centered.

And voila....

Based on my lack of preparedness I was pretty happy with the result. It's always a plus when you do something that you know your husband will enjoy as well. I may be spray painting some pumpkins gold this weekend so that one will be all for me!

Happy Fall / Football Season!!!

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