Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Problem with Technology

Part of this journey for myself is giving into the fact that I cannot accomplish my goals with out a very heavy dose of technology.
I'm a hands on person. I like to get dirty, make messes and have a good solid tangible result for my labors. Somehow blogging and yes even Pinning just doesn't cut it.
But it's part of it and I'm learning. I'm at the very early stages of putting together a collection of drawings that I will be selling on an Etsy shop that I haven't even started yet. I am taking my time and making sure that I think through the details.
I started with this blog. It's part of that prep work I mentioned.

I decided on blogger mainly because I was already familiar. I have heard some of the critiques of blogger verses wordpress. I decided that for me this was the best for now. It's simple, free and allows me to get comfortable with the big bad world of HTML.
I attempted blogging back in 2006 on, but at the time it was not so user friendly. After all my goal is to share my art, blogging is part of achieving that goal it's not the main goal itself.

Over the last few days I'll find myself feeling like I need a little guidance. Luckily blogging isn't new anymore so a quick search on Pinterest or Google and up pops plenty of advice.

I found this one helpful for making the most of my small amount of time to work on this. (I do have a full time job too.)

And the fact that I just created that image hyperlink is super exciting! I followed along on this wiki how article to make that happen.

Being an artist in todays technology driven world is both easier and harder. It's easier than ever to put your work out into the world, but no artist ever is good at self promotion.
I would just love to sit in Gertrude Stein's Paris drawing room and ask all her visitors what they would think about having to start up a blog to promote their work!

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