Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pressing Forward

I have been making art on the side for several years now, but never really taken myself or this pursuit seriously. I guess I thought it was just so unrealistic to think I could ever do anything with it much less sell it.
To be honest I think only a fraction of what I make is any good and then if I look at it too long I may just paint right over it and start again. Until now I let self doubt stop me every single time. I could not see a way forward.

This past year has taught me what it means to get up every morning, push back fear and keep moving forward. I don't know how I feel about sharing more about that experience just yet. I think I'll leave it for a later time. But it changed me, as life will tend to do. I have a new attitude about what it means to persevere.
Basically, it's all work and it is either work for someone else or work for yourself. I chose now to do some hard work for myself.

I love to read and often I find the right words to motivate have already been written, but you have to be ready to accept the message when it comes to you.

Now to be clear. I have always hated art that had quotes on it. I mean, I want to look at something and decide what I take from it, not have it spoon fed to me like an idiot.
BUT I think that if certain words sing out so clearly the message you need to see everyday then you must find a way to celebrate that. I didn't even know who Bukowski was until I started searching for existential inspiration one day. This quote I just had to save.

This is an original watercolor that I quickly photographed with my phone and added the quote with the Beautiful Mess app. I've since done a larger canvas with this same pattern in acrylics. I'll get the quote applied to it eventually. I may never hang it unless one day I have a full dedicated studio.
Somehow just making this picture helps to cement those words.

To me it says, Keep Pressing Forward.


  1. There's a quote that has always stuck with me in hard times. And it reminds me of this one a bit and thought I would's from the band stars. "When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set your self on fire". I find myself saying this to myself often and always think about those words. I love how you captured your quote on your water color like that! Keep on keepin' on my friend! Wonderful stuff here!