Monday, September 29, 2014

A Mess

So in my last post I mentioned that I use the A Beautiful Mess photo app. (I know this is not ground breaking, but it was new to me.) I love it because you can add fun text on top of images.

I also mentioned that I hate art with quotes. I still mean that. The exception is a gallery wall. Those should feel like a scrapbook of things you love. That can, and usually includes quotes.
I'm working on re-doing a couple dressers for our master bedroom (in all my free time) and I already have a gallery wall envisioned using several of my travel and flower pics in this app.

I scooted over to their website to snag a web address to link and saw they had just put up a great post about wall decor.

Maybe this makes my art superficial, but what I want to look at on my walls is exactly what I paint. Maybe that's another reason I haven't really tried selling anything till now. Attachment is tough to break.

But maybe it isn't superficial. I'm an interior designer by education and profession so I believe that what you surround yourself with, what you look at everyday has a profound impact on how you feel. Skeptical?
Ask yourself, how do you feel before and then after cleaning up a very messy kitchen or bathroom? Exactly.

It may go unnoticed by the guests, but before I have company over is when I really take stock of my decor. I feel like I don't see certain things until I look at it as if I'm a person entering the room for the first time.
Small piles that you over look for months, dust you never noticed, and most importantly what do you look at when you sit down at any given location. I know it's crazy, but sometimes I sit in a random place in the house just to see what the view is like. Do I have furniture correctly placed. Is there a nice picture grouping in view or 'gasp' is it a bare wall?
If the answer is bare wall it's time to paint...
So the take away, clean up that mess and hang up great art!

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