Sunday, September 21, 2014

to start.....

How to start? 
That’s what I have asked myself many times and in many situations. I take a deep breath, dive in and stay true to myself. The last one is hardest.
That’s what I’m starting this blog for, to help me learn what it means to be true to myself in my art.
I always loved to make art, but found it hard to find direction and honestly, confidence.

I see a lot of beauty and inspiration in the world. I want to use this space to collect and share that inspiration. I’ll also share and welcome feedback on my own sketches and paintings, and just be fearless about it. 
I am starting with the only expectation that you just have to start somewhere!

I'll leave you with this image from a past trip to Roan Mountain as your daily inspiration. As you will see, it's being outside and in nature that I find most of mine.

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