Design Work & Commissions

I would love nothing more than to create a one of a kind space and / or a  one of a kind art piece just for your home! Lets talk about what beautiful things we can make!

Design Work:

I would love to help you create a space that works for your lifestyle and yet is beautiful and stylish.

We can work together in a couple of ways.

1) One Time Consultation: There is a one time fee for a single meeting not to exceed 2 hours. During that meeting I will present ideas and plans for your space based on the needs you express to me.
This is great for clients looking for guidance and ideas, but cannot commit to the cost of a long term design plan. Great for DIYer's who just need a push in the right direction.
Things that this meeting may offer are:
-paint color suggestions
-plans to reuse existing furnishings
-ideas for new furnishings and decor items to be purchased for the space
-space planning ideas
-options for reupholstering or refinishing existing furniture pieces

2) Full Design: This is an hourly rate based project management service. It is meant for those who would like for me to work with you to create the plans for a new design and then to follow through with full implementation of that design.

Art Commissions:

Following an initial meeting to discuss the size, style and color pallet for your piece I will submit a cost estimate and create a preliminary sketch for your review.
Once we have both agreed to move forward with the project (YAY) I will require a 25% deposit to cover time and materials.

Length of time frame for delivery will be based on size of the project and the number of revisions required.

Let's Chat!

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