I am Laura Dunn, the artist behind Mac & Lucille! This is my art and design studio and I'm glad you have come to take a look around. 

I named my studio after my paternal grandparents. Since all art is really a collection of past experiences, feelings and current viewpoints I thought it appropriate to name my studio after two people that were a very important influence on my childhood. More than just that, it's about honoring the people that sacrificed, worked and lived before you ever existed.
Mac and Lucille as well as my other grandparents and parents lived and worked never knowing that eventually I would exist, but it all had to happen for me to exist. How is that for your existential moment of the day!

I grew up with lots of creative people in my life. As a child my parents owned a greenhouse business and my sister and I spent our days wondering around hot houses full of plants. As we got older we reluctantly worked in them too....
But the colors and shapes of all kinds of flowers and plants have stayed with me. There is nothing so breath taking as looking out across several large tables full of Geraniums or Pansies or at Christmas Poinsettias!!

photo credit: google images

I mean you can see how as a kid this sight was mesmerizing! It has never left my imagination and it fills my work every time I put my pen to paper or paint to canvas.

My work tends to be yin or yang. Minimal, black and white with simplified shapes OR its a mash of color and texture. I love both and feel comfortable in both. I generally bounce back and fourth between the styles to give my brain creative balance. I struggle with consistency in my painting style, but I have fun working towards that goal.

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